Black Christmas (1987) An Early Christmas Present

Back during Christmas 2009 amazing old school horror website Retro Slashers ran a interesting article about the lost holiday slasher Black Christmas (1987) a spoof trailer that was part of a little known sketch comedy film called Outtakes (1987)
that was produced to continue the tradition of films such as Groove Tube and Kentucky Fried Movie.

The film itself is a bit of a mess and you can see that they were running out of money fast however the fact that it had a faux trailer for a film called Black Christmas compelled the horror fiend in me to seek it out. After some digging I found the film for sale on eBay by the films director no less! It also came with a vinyl single of the films main song and a poster. However I was mainly buying it for the trailer within.

You see I’ve loved horror all my life, I turned my childhood winter gloves into Freddy Kruger gloves with ice lolly sticks and got my mum to rent all the horror VHS tapes I could possible get my grubby little hands on.


Then the early 90s hit and the horror genre died periodically before Scream (1996) resurrected it it winning fashion. It was around the time horror blew up again (roughly Christmas 1998) that Britain’s eclectic TV station Channel 4 held a season of films dubbed the Black Christmas film season with the likes of Gremlins (1984), Trading Places (1983) Scrooged (1988) and on Christmas Eve night Clarke’s amazing masterpiece of winter chills.

The film scared my teenage ass so much that I had to turn the TV off! Crazy considering I’d seen Freddy, Chucky and my fair share of other 80s slashers before I was 10!

So to cut a long story short Black Christmas and Christmas set slashers became something uniquely special to me as I entered this new phase in my love of horror. To discover ten years later another film called Black Christmas existed was mind boggling so back to Outtakes (1987).

The Black Christmas trailer segment takes up just over 5 mins of the films 75 odd mins. It’s a curious little skit that is both comical and creepy.

Unlike Bob Clarke’s seminal 70s proto slasher of the same name, this incarnation of a Black Christmas features a killer Santa Claus (much like Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984) and fart jokes!

I won’t go into too much detail as of like you all to watch and judge it for yourselves. A curious trailer from a curious film.

My early Christmas present to you all.

Also check out Wes Casey Productions own Christmas set faux trailer The Room at the Inn (2008) below.


2 responses to “Black Christmas (1987) An Early Christmas Present

  1. I’d love to see the film! But I think you mean “Silent Night, Deadly Night”, not “Silent Night, Evil Night”, though there is a film with that title too 😉

    • No I really don’t. Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984) is not Black Christmas (1987) which is only a faux trailer in the movie Outtakes (1987) re read the article and actually watch the clip!

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